It can be simple to say “I am ready to lose weight”, but are you really?  What is going to help you lose the weight and then keep it off for a lifetime, because that is the goal, right?  The power of purpose or your WHY is going to give you energy, determination and courage.  It’s going to help you have laser focus to meet your goals.

Your WHY is what is going to excite you to continue to move forward to understand the know and the how to meet the goals you have set for yourself.  It will give your goals meaning so you are excited for the journey.

Getting to the WHY requires some deep insight into yourself.  If you’re not used to doing this then it can feel a little uncomfortable and honestly it can be hard to even know where to start.  Each person is different and unique and therefore so is their journey to discovering their purpose.

The following thoughts may help you understand your WHY.  Why is it important to lose weight, what do you want to achieve, what does that look like for you, how will losing weight change your life? These are the thoughts you should be pondering because they are the one’s that are going to help you succeed in meeting and maintaining your goals.  These questions and answers will help stop the regain!

4 personal questions to ask yourself so you can find your WHY

  1. What makes you come alive?  Nope, it’s not eating a good piece of bread or trying a new tailgate party dip.  It’s deeper and more meaningful, rather it’s not about you but a bigger you (no pun intended).  Many times it’s hard to go beyond the good piece of bread and really think about what your passionate about, what drives you, what puts a fire in your belly (a good one) to get to your goal? Sit down and really think about this because you deserve to have an answer. 
  2. What are your natural strengths? Are you creative, do you like to think outside of the box, are you a gifted communicator, networker or problem solver.  How could you use your talents to meet your weight loss and wellness goals? Maybe you like to be creative in the kitchen therefore you like to be creative with healthy recipes.  If you are a good communicator, maybe you would like to become a health coach and help others find health and happiness in their life. If you are good at solving problems maybe you will be good at finding what works for you to be successful.  You must know your passion to lead you to your WHY.
  3. Where do you add the greatest value?  You can’t add value to something you happen to be good at but loath. You must have passion for what you’re doing and then you can add value. So if you are trying to lose weight but just hate the diet or program you are following, as a result you will not be successful.  What and how you are losing weight and creating health in your life should start to become easier and not continue to be a struggle, it should start to make you feel alive.
  4. How will you tell you have lived life to its fullest? So, what does living with purpose look like for you, what really matters?  I think questions 1-3 should help answer question #4.  


Knowing your purpose may excite you to take on challenges, allow you to meet stretch goals and really, feel as if there is little you cannot do.  Do you want to sit around wishing you were smaller, healthier and happier, or do you want to just make the decision to lose weight, get healthy and be happier but this time for a lifetime?  You decide.


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    1. Thanks Kathy! Interestingly enough, today I was challenged to express my WHY for my business. Great timing. I checked out your website, love it!

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