“Life changing”

That is the only word I can think of to express my experience working with Kathleen Oswalt and the LEAP diet. After suffering from Chronic Autoimmune disease (Ulcerative Colitis), chronic hives, anxiety and various digestive diseases for 2 decades, I have finally found relief!
This is remarkable for me.  I feel like my old self.  Like my body is finally normal again.  The relief is more than I can even explain.  I had forgotten how good I could feel!  My entire quality of life has improved dramatically.  I am sleeping better and feeling more refreshed in the morning.  Also, my anxiety is almost nonexistent.  I am enjoying time with my kids again and have even started exercising (just a little) again.  As a side benefit, I have also lost about 8lbs, just by feeding my body the clean foods that it wants to eat.
Karen D. – Charleston, South Carolina

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“I am 20 pounds lighter, knee and joint pain has disappeared”

Well the results are in! After struggling for years with my weight, bad knees and thyroid condition I decided earlier in the year to take a honest look at what I was eating. At the time I was on a vegan diet, gaining weight and absolutely miserable – depression and lack of motivation. After some research I discovered that the food I was eating was not healthy for a person with my thyroid condition. Looking for answers I talked to Kathleen Oswalt. We started with a blood test that measures my body’s reaction to a variety of food. Unbeknownst to me all my vegan food was poisoning my body. Working with Kathleen we put together a plan to eat food that would allow me to regain my life.
Today I met with my doctor who gave me a clean bill of health. All my test results are optimal and my thyroid condition has practically gone away.
I gave up a lot of food and drinks I loved but I don’t miss or regret it for a minute. I’m so glad I didn’t listen to doctors whose only answer was to make pharmaceutical companies wealthier.
Today I am 20 pounds lighter, knee and joint pain has disappeared and I look forward to entering my 60’s next year!
Thanks to those who have supported me along the way!
Emily S. – Charleston, South Carolina

Anne Heywood