March is National Nutrition Month and I’m talking food!  

Healthy food is the foundation of good nutrition.  My husband and I attribute our good health to the foods we eat and nourish our bodies with.  We find the easiest way to eat good, healthy food is to buy it and stock our refrigerator with it on a weekly basis.  

I know, I’ve spiked your curiosity right?  I see some of you check out my shopping cart at the grocery store…you are wondering what I am buying and stocking my refrigerator with?  It’s okay, I’m glad to share my little dietitian secrets with you.

10 Foods You Will Always Find In My Refrigerator

  1. Plain Kefir:

    We love to use Wallaby kefir for a breakfast meal. We use the plain because it’s a clean product.  Kefir has one ingredient, cultured pasteurized organic low-fat milk. We choose the other ingredients, usually topping it with berries or frozen fruit, nuts, chia seeds, shredded unsweetened coconut and a drizzle of honey. Boy oh boy with all of the probiotics in keifer,  I know my gut is happy and healthy.

  2. Fresh Berries:  

    We always have an assortment of berries to choose from. Berries are full of antioxidants which help keep away those chronic diseases. We use berries typically at breakfast on keifer or in a breakfast cereal like overnight oats or overnight quinoa.  Love them because they are so colorful and bursting with flavor.

  3. Cheese:  

    I love cheese and I can’t imagine my refrigerator without it.  It’s my vice. It’s so versatile; you can make quesadillas, top it on chili, sprinkle it over beets, scatter it over Mexican food, make homemade macaroni and cheese, use it as a snack, pair it with a good wine, or have a delectable grilled cheese sandwich.

  4. Unsweetened Plant-Based Milks:  

    You will always find almond milk in my refrigerator but sometimes I’ll also have coconut milk. I like to mix it up, if I have both on hand I like to put 1/2 almond milk and 1/2 coconut milk in my overnight oats/quinoa cereal. YUM!  Amazingly enough SO Delicious almond milk is super versatile and can be used in the place of milk in any recipe it’s not just for baking.

  5. Natural Almond Butter OR Peanut Butter: 

    We use natural nut butter because again it’s a clean product. There are no sugars, preservatives, or other oils added. It’s just nuts and salt…just the way we like it.  Nut butters are great to have on had for baking, smoothies, sauces, toast and snacking.  Nut butters are bursting with plant proteins and healthy fats.  Be careful because they are very calorie dense but that doesn’t mean they can’t fit into a healthy diet.

  6. Eggs:  

    When possible I try to buy local, free-range eggs. When that is not possible I buy Nellie’s free-range eggs, certified humane.  Eggs are packed with protein and the best part…so versatile. You can eat eggs for breakfast and eggs for dinner. Eggs are used in baking, boiled hard, make an omelet or fried or scrambled eggs. You can cook them just right and use them in a ramen noodle bowl. You can plop them on top of avocado toast., make deviled eggs for a party. And the list goes on and on.

  7. Chia Seeds:

    These little seeds (that remind me of fleas and leave your smile less than desirable) are packed with nothing but healthy ingredients. Just a small amount is bursting with fiber, protein, omega-3 fatty acids and a variety of micronutrients and antioxidants.  You can use these little guys in baking, top off your cereal, keifer or cottage cheese. You can also create chia puddings that are awesome!

  8. Fresh Vegetables:  

    Because my husband and I follow a diet that is heavily plant-based we always have lots of fresh vegetables in the bottom bins of the refrigerator.  Remember…adding color to your food through fruits and vegetables means more nutrients, more antioxidants and just more good stuff.

  9. 2% Cottage Cheese:   

    This is a great option to have on hand. Breakstone’s cottage cheese is super easy, low in calories and full of nutrients. Just one cup of cottage cheese is bursting with protein, it has a decent amount of B vitamins, vitamin A, iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc and copper.

  10. Organic, Sprouted Whole Grain Bread:  

    I use Ezekiel bread because it’s one of the only breads you can find with NO added sugar.  It contains 4 types of cereal grains: Wheat, Millet, Barley and Spelt and 2 types of legumes: soybeans and lentils.  I’m not gonna lie…I like bread so I chose to enjoy this bread that is on the healthier side.

  11. BONUS #1: 

    I always have dark chocolate on hand…I keep it in the freezer. Out of sight out of mind, expect when I’m having a sweet tooth I know where I can find something I love. We splurge with Trader Joe’s Fair Trade Organic 72% Cacao Belgian dark chocolate bar. Ohhhhh, such a rich, velvety flavor.

  12. BONUS #2:  

    Typically I always have avocados in the refrigerator waiting to pull them out and add them to the fruit and veggie basket. I buy several at a time but don’t want them ripe all at one time. Avocados are a favorite in our household, they are bursting with fiber, healthy fats, 20 vitamins and minerals and so much flavor!

So now you know what my go-to’s are. Each week we stock our refrigerator with these goodies to help us stay on track with our nutrition. We love to focus on foods that work for our bodies not against them. And that is super important to us!

Drop me a line below and tell me what your go-to’s are each week. Or maybe you decide to incorporate one of my favorites. I’d love to hear from you.

*I do not have any affiliation with the brands that I mentioned. They are just brands I like and use frequently.

2 Replies to “Stock Your Refrigerator Like a Dietitian”

  1. I made my first batch of pecan butter today, and no lie it was yummy on the rice thins. Popped a few blueberries on top and I’m feeling pretty good about snack time! Almost everything from your list is off mine until my gut heals. Gives me hope that my frig will be pretty again 🙂

    1. Hi Melanie! I tried to reply the day after you posted this but I needed to get to my computer. Excuse the tardiness. I love that you made pecan butter and enjoyed it so much. That is such a relief when there aren’t much foods to choose from now. But Your fridge will be looking stellar in no time! 🙂

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