If you love to travel like my husband and I do then you know it can be a challenge to maintain that healthy lifestyle when you are in and out of airports or sitting in the car for hours.  Options for healthy and satisfying snacks are few and far between when traveling.  So why not grab the information in this blog and get you and your family off to a great start? I recommend packing your own snacks so you feel satisfied, you are eating foods you actually enjoy and you don’t feel like crap once you reach your destination.

Let’s face it, there aren’t many healthy options in the airport and along the highway. Packing your own healthy snacks not only keeps you feeling healthy and energized it also saves your wallet from taking a HUGE hit before you really even start your vacation. My biggest challenge when traveling, to keep my husband from eating all of our delicious snacks (especially the breakfast cookies). hahaha

My top 3 tips on how to keep your travel snacks healthy

  1. BALANCE your snacks like you would balance your meals: The goal is to make your snacks nutritious and balanced. Don’t make this hard. Think in terms of protein, complex carbohydrate and healthy fat. An example could be a hard-boiled egg and a piece of fruit or a piece of fruit and a small handful of unsalted nuts. See, I told you easy peasy!
  2. Pack foods you ENJOY: Make sure to pack some of your favorites. This will not only keep you feeling satisfied but also create some excitment around food during those long travel hours. 
  3. Add something SWEET: I think it might be the boredom of traveling but do you find yourself wanting a little something sweet? I usually do.  Pack a 1-ounce square of dark chocolate (make sure it’s at least 70% cocoa) to satisfy that sweet tooth.
  4. BONUS: Stay hydrated! Be sure to carry your own insulated water bottle. This will ensure your water stays cold and refreshing and again will save your wallet from a big hit. Staying hydrated will help you feel energized and ready to enjoy your vacation once you reach your destination.

Do your best to stick to the foods your body knows.  Overdoing it with high fat foods, highly processed foods, fast food, high carbohydrate foods in the form of candy and sweets can leave you feeling less than desirable once you reach your destination. Eating many of the foods that are found in your daily diet will help relieve any uncomfortable digestive issues.  It can also increase energy and your overall mood so you are ready to hit the road running and enjoy every minute of your vacation.

Check out my short video that I did for holiday air travel…it works for any season. 

I’m excited to share several examples of healthy travel snacks with you in my 20 Healthy Travel Snacks handout. Download it today and prepare you and your family for your upcoming travels.  Have fun!!!

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20 Healthy Travel Tips

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