Are you tired of guessing which foods are safe for you to eat? You have stopped eating this food, you have taken out that food but you continue to have symptoms and nothing seems to be working to help you feel better and get your life back. The reason for this is with an elimination diet there is “guess work” involved but with MRT we have an accurate blood test to guide us on what foods are “safe” for you to eat. Once you receive your MRT results I will customize a LEAP eating plan for you, essentially starting with a clean slate so your body can heal. How does your body heal? By eating only those foods tested safe for you, your least reactive foods versus randomly avoiding foods that you “think” may be the cause of your symptoms.

For example, what if you’re eating sweet potato on your grain-free typical elimination diet but you are sensitive to them? What if you are using cashew milk instead of cow’s milk but cashews are reactive for you? Or lemon? Or corn? Or beef? Or cabbage? What if you are reactive to salicylic acid, a chemical found to be naturally occurring in many foods but you’re using almond flour in place of wheat flour, or using berries on your breakfast cereal, or adding cucumber and tomato to your salads? Instead of saying “I think I can eat this”, I want you to be able to say “I know I can eat this”.

If you continue to eat foods or food chemicals that your body is reactive to because you consider them to be healthy or because they are your favorite foods, unfortunately you will continue to trigger inflammation in your body, therefore you will continue to have symptoms. You will never heal your body; you will never feel better.

By using MRT/LEAP you CAN focus on eating ONLY those foods that are non-reactive for YOU! With a customized diet it is possible to get the inflammation under control so you can start feeling better fast. Most clients are feeling better in the first 1-2 weeks of starting the LEAP eating plan! With MRT/LEAP you have a wider variety of foods than a typical elimination diet providing you with a more nutritionally balanced, more palatable diet.

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