Hello and Happy New Year…a little late. My gosh we are in our 4th week of January with just one more to go until we are in February. Where has the time gone?  For me, lots of business stuff, for you?

How many goals and resolutions did you decide on? What do you plan to be intentional about?  Tell me your dreams and hopes for 2018? What word did you decide on, everyone seems to be picking a “word”, did you?  I surely didn’t. It was enough to set intentional goals in my life based on business, personal and finances.

Sometimes the New Year brings new stressors…like planning out your life for the entire year, yikes!  Anyone out there feel like it has to be perfect, you’re putting it on paper it’s gotta be just right?  It’s a true struggle for me, but I recently read that perfectionism is a self destructing belief system.  It is a continuous work in progress to understand that nothing is perfect and I will never, ever reach such a level.  I always tell my clients, progress NOT perfection. It’s about time I took my own advice, right?  So who is ready to be a recovering perfectionist?

I have put some thought into this next year and have come up with some goals for 2018.  I would love to share a few with you here.

Goals for the New Year!

  1. Decrease my perfectionism tendencies and just DO
  2. Start speaking
  3. Blog more often and keep it up regularly (first one of 2018)
  4. Work my way up to a metric century (62 miles) bicycle ride 
  5. Grow my business in 2018
  6. Plan and save for a destination vacation for Christmas and New Years Eve

I do have other big goals but these are just a few. I won’t set more than 10, you know us perfectionists and high achievers like to set all sorts of unattainable goals and then guess what, we feel like losers. Am I right?  So not this year, I’m going straight forward, no more than 10 goals, I have to know all are achievable with some stretching and growing on my part. I’m currently working on all the baby goals to get me to the big ones. Remember, without those baby goals nothing gets done. 

What do you have on your radar? How will you make your goals a reality? I’d love for you to share and tell me what you want in 2018 whether it has to do with health and wellness, finances, improving some behavior traits, relationships…just anything! Drop me a line below.

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