About Me Hey Friends! My name is Kathleen, I’m a nutrition expert, cooking enthusiast & your personal Food Sensitivity Detective™.

I’m dedicated to helping you change the way you think about food and use food to heal your body from the inside out so you can feel healthier one bite at a time.

If you suffer from chronic inflammation created from an unhealthy diet, chronic stress, sleep deprivation or even overuse of prescription or over the counter medications I am here to help you. If your symptoms range from chronic aches and pains, digestive issues, chronic headaches and migraines, skin problems to weight issues or even brain fog I am here to help you. Let me ask you, are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Are you ready to change how you feel, are you ready to have a happy body that finally loves you back, are you ready to wake up every day feeling energized? Then let’s get to work!

What I Will Do

  • ACT as your personal food sensitivity detective
  • TEACH you simple, easy tools so you can make lasting changes
  • COACH you on a new way of eating that fits you and your life
  • CHEER you on from the sidelines

Things I Believe In

  • Eating fresh foods and cooking at home whenever possible
  • Dumping the diet mentality and making lasting changes so your body feels great
  • Making room for the foods that you love
  • Enjoyable movement/fun fitness

BE THE BOSS OF YOUR HEALTH AND WELLNESS Find Passion & Excitement in creating lasting changes so you can love your new life.


My Business Core Values

Champion Spirit

  • There are times when you have to bring out the warrior inside to win
  • Working with clients to help them achieve their successes makes my heart sing
  • Use courage to make necessary changes in life to be successful, to be a champion

Heart for Service

  • Treat others as I would expect to be treated
  • Give back to the community to help others prosper
  • Nurture long-term, lasting relationships
  • Always have compassion and empathy for others situations

Enthusiastic & Energetic Attitude

  • Always make learning about food fun!
  • Stay optimistic and positive
  • Show up with a friendly smile
  • Celebrate victories

Other Values to Live By

  • Stay committed, focused and dedicated to my client’s needs and desires
  • Never provide less than top quality care
  • Be passionate and have a heart of a teacher

Professional Organizations


A Little More About Me

  • I LOVE…did I say I LOVE cheese, any kind of cheese. It’s always better with a good glass of wine.
  • Traveling is at the top of my list
  • I don’t ever want to say no to good food
  • I savor visits with my West Coast family
  • Animals make a house a home, I have two furry little cats, Chloe and Lucy
  • Head cheerleader to my World Championship Ironman husband
  • Cooking is a daily occurrence in our household
  • I think in my “other” life I was a detective, give me enough time and I can figure anything out
  • I enjoy taking photos, especially of food and my travels
  • Movement of any kind is part of my lifestyle

Street Cred

  • Master’s Degree in Nutritional Science with an option in Nutrition Education completed at California State University, Chico
  • Dietetic Internship completed at the Medical University of South Carolina
  • Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, RD/RDN
  • Licensed Dietitian, LD
  • Certified LEAP Therapist, CLT