Ya’ll I think Spring has finally Sprung in Charleston and so has shopping at the Farmer’s Market. Finally…we get to shop and purchase local fresh produce along with so many other local goodies.

Charleston has done such a wonderful job with providing every surrounding town with it’s own Farmer’s Market making it that much more convenient to shop and eat healthy.

Let me break it down for you.

7 Reasons Shopping at the Farmer’s Market Can Help You Eat More Plants

  1. Nothing Better than Farm Fresh: Remember, the produce you buy at the grocery store was picked many days before your purchase it.  Sometimes, traveling 1,000s of miles to reach the grocery store you shop at. How fresh do you really think it is? Farmer’s Markets on the other hand provide produce that was picked ripe.  Always providing you with the freshest options.
  2. Organic and Non-GMO: Many farmers participate in organic growing methods, ensuring the produce you buy has minimal to no chemicals. Another practice you may see are the use of unmodified seeds. Both a plus for our health. Buying fruits and vegetables at the Farmer’s Market is an easy way to keep toxins to a minimum.
  3. Eat by Season: Shopping at the Farmer’s Market ensures you are getting fresh, ripe seasonal foods. Eating by season allows you to purchase fresh, quality produce. It also helps you rotate foods in your  diet which decreases the chance of developing food sensitivities. If you are not sure what’s in season check out LowCountry Local First and their “in season” guide.  
  4. Taste Real Flavors: The produce you purchase at the Farmer’s Market is allowed to ripen in the field so you are getting the full flavors of each and every piece of produce you buy. How awesome is that? I love how tomatoes are just bursting with color and flavor. I have a tomato salad I want to try but I’m waiting for those juicy Farmer’s Market tomatoes.  
  5. Variety is Bliss: At the Farmer’s Market you can find such a wide range of produce that you most likely will not find at your local market. Beautiful colors, lots of options with your more popular produce and new produce you may find intriguing. 
  6. Learn Something New: Many times farmers are more than happy to share cooking or preserving tips with you. They encourage new ways of preparing a food item they are selling. For example, I had no idea what to do with a sunchoke.  The farmer selling them was full of  information on how I might prepare and use them in my cooking. So…I bought them. 
  7. Pump Up Your Nutrition: The produce you buy at the Farmer’s Market has so many benefits but my favorite is the nutrient content it provides your body. Buying in-season, ripe produce that has been freshly picked and not traveled 1,000s of miles to get to you is full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Just check out those vibrant, bright colors and deep pigments. Nutritious produce has so many benefits from protecting your heart, to decreasing your chance of cancer, improves eye health, brain health and your mood.  Produce helps maintain blood sugar, helps with weight loss/weight maintenance and decreasing your chances of having a stroke. Produce can help keep your bones strong  and your digestive system in top working order. Lastly, it can help boost your immune system keeping you healthy!  

Shopping at the Farmer’s Market has so many positives and really not one negative. Your shopping experience will be so much more pleasurable. Seeing the beautiful array of produce can even entice you to buy more or to buy something you’ve never tired. It can do wonders to increase your fruit and vegetable consumption.

Get your kids, involved, take them to the Farmer’s Market. Have them pick out their favorite fruits and vegetables so they have something to look forward to eating during the week. Maybe they will even pick out something new.

I’m really excited, in my town West Ashley, the Farmer’s Market opening day is April 25th. I can’t wait to see what’s in season and available for preparing delicious and nutritious meals.

I’d love to hear what your favorite Farmer’s Market find is. Share with me below.


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